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BJN Security Ltd holds Approved Contractor Status with the SIA for the provision of Security Guarding. BJN security goal is to provide high-quality security services that deliver the best value to his client. More than a slogan, the concern is the security of their clients. BJN Security is known for providing exceptional service, integrity and professionalism. Our relentless focus on client needs has enabled us to become the trusted partner we set out to be.

The world continues to change rapidly and threats become more complex, making effective security more critical than ever before. We continue working to stay ahead of emerging threats, gathering intelligence and examining risks to ensure optimised security for our clients.

What’s more, we’re adding specialized capabilities to address a wide-variety of security and protective services needs across industries.

High End Security

BJN security ensures to their clients that any threat can be swiftly identified and effectively resolved. BJN security has a great deal of experience in this field and is trusted to protect.

Front of House

With our attention to detail, we will ensure that front of the house and reception areas are maintained and enhanced to the highest standards.

Reception Services

BJN security is the symbol of trust to ensure that where BJN security guards are deployed, our clients can be reassured that their guests will be effortlessly assisted. The BJN security teams are required not only to protect, but also to welcome and to smooth the passage of all visitors.

Retail & Loss Prevention

Our retail officers are quick to adapt to individual store procedures and are trained in identifying dishonesty and wastage within the workplace. We also work with retailers to develop and implement crime prevention training for the retail industry.

Event Security

BJN is fully equipped to handle sporting and other special events. We conduct a thorough risk assessment of the site and establish a suitable operational security plan for the event. Our highly trained, coordinated personnel will liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure your event runs smoothly and trouble free.

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BJN security is an entrepreneurial, creative and open minded company. we believe in high standards of ethics, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business and are committed to open and honest relationships with our clients

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Work With Us

At BJN security we believe in recruiting,developing and retaining excellent people. because our high profile contracts include safeguarding our client’s properties,their people,their visitors and their image.we believe in deploying special individuals.

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BJN Security Ltd holds Approved Contractor Status with the SIA for the provision of Security Guarding